7 Reasons Why HP Laptops Are So Popular Among Students

You must choose a laptop based on your budget and requirements. Choosing the best brand for your laptop is a tough decision. Several brands are now producing laptops in India. However, in terms of brands producing laptops, HP is the most reliable one out there in the market. 

HP laptops are known for their security features, performance, excellent battery life, connectivity, and efficiency. HP has been producing high-quality laptops consistently for many years. 

Let us have a look at seven reasons why HP laptops are so popular among students and professionals.

  1. Great Design: Almost all the HP laptops come with compact designs. They have a solid built-quality. They are not heavy yet they feel sturdy. Moreover, the laptops are handy enough for all purposes. From the entry-level pavilion series to the high-end ZBook and EliteBook, all the laptops are classy, attractive, and stunning.
  2. Laptops for every one and every purpose: Since the beginning, HP has produced numerous laptops, belonging to different price ranges. Whatever is your budget or your requirements, you will buy an HP laptop accordingly. If you are looking for a budget friendly laptop for work purposes or light uses, you can go for the cheaper options. On the other hand, if you want a laptop for gaming or other heavy uses, you can also find one. 
  3. Reliability and Durability: HP is famous for manufacturing the most reliable laptops. HP laptops are the most reliable and long-lasting laptops in the market. They have produced the most stable and refined laptops for decades. They are still improving their models. Moreover, HP laptops have gone through military testing to check their reliability. 
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In military testing, they drop HP laptops from a 30-inch height for minimum 26 times on all sides, angles, and edges. They also give sudden electric shocks to the laptops and conduct all kinds of tests related to temperature, altitude, and humidity. Most of the laptops are dust and water resistant. A HP laptop will last for years. This is a great advantage for students and travellers as they have to carry their laptops daily, which exposes it to regular wear and tear.

  1. Extraordinary security features: HP is the number one laptop manufacturer in terms of security. You will get plenty of security features to keep your data well protected. Let us have a brief look at some of the interesting features. The HP Sure Start is an auto-recovery protection feature that self-heals your device automatically. 

Then, the HP Sure Run is another safety feature that continues running your applications by protecting them from malicious parties. The HP Sure Recover is use to restore files by applying a network connection. HP Sure Click keeps your laptop secured from infected sites on the net. HP Sure View protects your laptop from getting hacked. Moreover, the HP laptops offer extra biometric protection such as fingerprint reader and face recognition. 

  1. Great Displays: You will experience the best displays on the HP laptops. It offers a large screen, with clear and well-detailed images. The colours are also bright. The bezels are super slim to offer more screen space. HP is trying to improve the display by introducing 240Hz refresh rate and 65-inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor. 
  2. Latest Technologies and Innovation: HP has been continuously adding more features to its laptops. They are trying to find more advanced technologies and integrate them to their models. The latest technology that HP has introduced is a dual-screen gaming feature that allows the users to use two screens at the same time, one for gaming and the second one is for other purposes. This will allow the users to use their laptops for different purposes. You can keep a chat box open while playing games. 
  3. Active Customer Support: Besides being the most reliable brand for laptops, HP also has a great customer support system. The customer support is well-equipped and will help you immediately. Moreover, if you face any problem and your laptop is under warranty period, the company will also pay for the shipping cost of your laptop. 
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Thus, HP laptops are one of the best laptops in the market. However, before buying a laptop, you must consider the following things – laptop price, screen size and display, operating system, processor, graphics card, memory, storage, and battery life.

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