Best WiFi Routers (2019): For Small/Large Home/Office (Top 5)

Wi-Fi Technology has turned into a typical expression in this current propelled world. Individuals are particularly acclimated with this innovation as the use of web is developing in a quick manner. The web assumes the most pivotal job in the innovative headway which is presently found in this day and age. A standout amongst the … Read more

Top Ways to Speed up Your Netgear Router

Regardless of the way that remote associations are increasingly helpful, yet they are inclined to flag debasement, moderate to extreme speed misfortune and no man’s lands. That is the reason you can experience the ill effects of poor WiFi network in your home even after a fruitful Netgear switch setup. Given that increasingly more of … Read more

Nvidia Driver Unlocks FreeSync Monitor Support For GeForce Graphics Cards

It’s the start of a new era. On Tuesday, Nvidia fulfilled its CES promises by releasing GeForce driver 417.71, which lets GeForce graphics cards tap into the Adaptive Sync capabilities of AMD FreeSync monitors for buttery-smooth, tearing-free gaming. Previously, GeForce GPUs could only synchronize their refresh rates with Nvidia’s own G-Sync displays, which tend to cost much more than … Read more

Micron to scoop up Intel portion of IM Flash for $1.5 billion

Micron has announced it will be exercising its call option to scoop up Intel’s holding of its IM Flash joint venture. Intel will walk away with $1.5 billion in cash, and is able to set the transaction date in the next six to twelve months. “The payment will end Intel’s noncontrolling interest in IM Flash … Read more

SanDisk’s Extreme Pro portable SSD is so fast you can edit video on it

While editing a document or spreadsheet directly from a flash drive is trivial, that’s not the case for video, where the interface speed limits performance considerably. WD’s SanDisk thinks they’ve solved the problem with the SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD. The Extreme Pro uses its internally developed NVMe technology to saturate the USB 3.1 Gen 2 … Read more

TP-Link goes all in with Wi-Fi 6 home networking gear, offering five products in 2019

TP-Link is wholeheartedly embracing the next-generation of wireless networking, dubbed Wi-Fi 6 (the common name for technology based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard). The company announced a slew of new products at CES 2019, including the Deco X10 Wi-Fi mesh router and the super-powerful Archer AX11000 gaming router. The Deco X10 is a tri-band router … Read more

RTX 2060: “More powerful than a 1070 Ti” and only $349

Highly predicipated: Nvidia has finally announced the long-awaited GeForce RTX 2060 with claims that it can outformform the GTX 1070 Ti and the GTX 1060 by 40-60% beat. At only $ 349 that sounds like a steal, but given how misleading Nvidia was about the original RTX, will it really perform that well? Nvidia has … Read more

D-Link partners with McAfee on new line of Exo 802.11ac Wi-Fi mesh routers

D-Link will unveil a new lineup of mesh Wi-Fi routers and mesh access points at CES next week, featuring built-in network security courtesy of McAfee. Each of the routers in the D-Link Exo product line will be based on the 802.11ac standard and will ship with five years of IoT protection for smart home devices, … Read more