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No can say that SQL Server is better than MySQL or vice versa. The two database management systems are both stable and efficient, each of them has its own cons and pros. Experienced DBAs know that the database performance depends largely on quality of tuning, not on the database itself. Even though, a large number of businesses convert SQL Server to MySQL because they are keen on taking the advantages of MySQL’s free licenses.

Why shift to MySQL?

Besides being free, MySQL is an open-source software becoming an alternative to commercial DBMS like SQL Server due to the following reasons:

Free and Cost Effective

MySQL is basically free and it is distributed under the General Public License. Even a small business or startup is able to customize DBMS according to their needs without hiring expensive experts. 

Clear and Transparent

If you’re experienced developer, you will be able to learn how MySQL database engine works inside, due to access the system source code. As a result, literally every user can fine-tune and make improvements in MySQL by updating the source code and compiling their own version of eth database management system. 


Being an open-source product, MySQL offers a solid reliable and stable system due to a vast number of contributors who help in debugging the software.

Migration to MySQL

For those who are ready to apply advantages of open-source software to their databases, it is reasonable to convert SQL Server to MySQL. The migration process is a bit complicated due to lot of steps to be implemented for schemas, data, indexes, constraints and other important database objects. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use tools to make that migration safe and smooth. One such tool is the popular SQL Server to MySQL converter produced by Intelligent Converters software company. It can migrate SQL Server or Azure SQL database to MySQL, MariaDB or Percona with a few clicks of the mouse. 

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Key Features of SQL Server to MySQL Converter

  • All modern versions of SQL Server and MySQL are supported including forks and cloud platforms (MariaDB, Percona, Azure, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud)
  • Option to merge and synchronize an existing MySQL database with MS SQL data 
  • Option to convert SQL Server database into MySQL script (useful when direct connection to MySQL server is not available)
  • Converts schemas, data, indexes, foreign keys and views with all the necessary attributes
  • Allows to customize resulting table structure and filter data by using SELECT queries
  • Stores conversion settings into profile to simplify next launches of migration sessions
  • It supports command line and all possible locales (via Unicode support)
  • Intuitive easy-to-use wizard-style interface

As every product of Intelligent Converters, SQL Server to MySQL converter can be customized according to client requirements. It is supplied with unlimited 24/7 customer support service and 1-year subscription if you go for updates.

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