Customer Service Technology: 8 Smart Ways to Use Technology to Improve Customer Service

Nothing is worse for a business than being called out on poor customer service on social media…especially if you don’t have social media accounts.

Technology in business is here to stay. So if you’re not up-to-date you’re actively losing out on connecting directly with your customers, elevating your company brand, and penetrating new markets.

You might think that some of the more popular technologies are considered marketing, however, at its core, things like social media are all about customer service.

With 90% of U.S. businesses on social media these days, we’ll help you stop passively watching as your competitors steal your customers.

Check out these top eight ways of using customer service technology to grow your business and improve your customer service.

1. The Customer Service Technology King: Social Media

What’s great about social media is while it’s technology-based, it’s not so heavy on the tech that you can’t immediately adopt it for your business.

The barrier to entry for creating a social media platform is non-existent, however, the second easiest thing to do after creating your accounts is to mismanage them.

Make sure to have a customer service team dedicated to monitoring your social media accounts in order to engage your customers in real-time on key platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, well-equipped customer service agents can mitigate if not outright eliminate problems before they spiral into a full-blown PR disaster on the levels of Snapchat’s mess with Rihanna </a.

2. Mobile-Friendly Website

As of 2019, 63.4% of your customers are online through their phones.

That’s the majority of your customers are going to be accessing your website through their phone, if it isn’t optimized for mobile, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Your website’s designs and the huge amounts of money you paid to make it as interactive as it needs to be will be useless if your website isn’t optimized for smartphones.

3. Video Is Becoming Mainstream

Video can make all the difference in how your customers like your service.

For example, having a dedicated “how-to” videos in your frequently asked questions page can elevate your customer’s whole experience and how they view your brand.

Moreover, with self-service channels on the rise, the human element in a video can infuse a bit of human warmth into the technology-based interaction.

Video can be pre-recorded or set up for live agent-to-customer interactions to streamline problem resolution.

4. Multichannel Management

It’s quite a powerful thing for your customers to know that they can reach you through a plethora of ways, and your response will be just as swift all across your channels.

And we’re not talking about the obviously technologically-inclined ways, but also old-school ways that are just as important.

Exhibit 1: your phone machines.

As we delve more into the future, don’t underestimate the importance of simple phone calls.

Determine whether your business has a perfect on-hold message in place because having the right one can immensely help your business .

Regardless of the channels used, your customers will be expecting the same level of quality all across these platforms, whether it’s a traditional voice-call, webchat, email, social media, or website.

There is a multitude of different tools that can help you with managing all of your channels, like using Hootsuite for your social media management.

5. Living in an App World

In this day and age, customers always expect that businesses have an app that they can interact with their services on a much more intimate level.

The same goes for customer service.

These apps are allowing your customers to access a more fast-track route into customer service centers, usually by-passing the lengthy IVR processes and providing shortcuts to webchat and voice interactions.

6. Tracking Key Service Metrics

Nothing can truly better your customer service performance more than getting feedback from your customers.

Using real-time feedback applications, businesses can actively measure how satisfied their customers are with their services.

Furthermore, businesses measure metrics like Net Promoter Scores and other customer effort scores to determine the simplicity — or not — of doing business with them.

This allows you to gain quality feedback to help with your performance management process, as well as tailor staff-trainings to replicate the behaviors that your customers like the most, and eliminate those that cause frustrations.

7. Speech Analytics for the Win

Speech technology now enables you to capture the true voice of your customers and analyze the content of their calls.

The technology is now mature enough to help with determining why your customers are calling and highlight the reasons behind spikes in call volumes.

8. Technology for Your Agents

We’ve been going through all the technological advancements that can help provide your customers with a better service, but we also need to enable your agents to perform their best.

By introducing technological systems or hardware like multi-channel agent desktops that can help with managing your agents’ workspace, you can see a shortage in response-time and better quality service to your customers.

Bonus Tech: Virtual Assistants

The gap between the web and contact center is shrinking as we start seeing the use of Virtual Assistants becoming mainstream.

These animated digital characters help your customer service operations by interacting with your web visitors, helping them navigate to the right self-service tabs according to their problem as well as share important information.

Ready to Turbo-Boost Your Customer Service Performance?

You can provide the best service in the world, but with terribly slow or inefficient customer service, your customers won’t get away from you fast enough.

Now that you know the top eight — and change — customer service technology tips, you’re good to go and conquer the competition.

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