How to Promote a New Product Launch with SMS Marketing

Any business that launches a new product finds it exciting, but it also faces some difficulties. It can be challenging to decide which marketing channel to use to effectively promote your product given the abundance of options.

With the help of SMS marketing, you can quickly and effectively reach your target audience. This article will discuss the advantages of using text marketing to publicise the release of a new product and offer helpful advice for developing an effective pre- and post-launch campaign.

Whether you run a small business or are a member of a large marketing team, this guide will arm you with the information you need to take full advantage of SMS gateway power and successfully launch your new products.

Checklist For SMS Product Launches

Use the following checklist to ensure that your campaign is carefully planned, skillfully carried out, and yields the desired results. We provided comprehensive organisation information that addresses all the essential components of a successful SMS product launch.

Utilise a Coordinated Strategy When Promoting Your Launch.

To inform as many people as you can about your impending launch, use other platforms where you already have a loyal following, such as your email list and social media.  

After you’ve updated your desktop and mobile sign-up pages, design a landing page specifically for that purpose. Afterward, when you tease the launch with your email subscribers and social media followers, encourage them to sign up for text messages so they can get first dibs. You’ll expand your SMS list while positioning your brand for future success. 

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Teaser Information

In order to get people thinking about what is to come without giving too much away, many advertisers like to start their communications with a teaser message.

If you have a customer base and are launching a product that complements other products they were interested in, this might work well. or if you are introducing a product from a reputable company.

Encourage your subscribers to follow the launch with rewards

Offer users who register for updates and download the app on launch day a special discount or extra feature. This might encourage users to continue using your product and promote it.

Give your SMS customers first access to the launch 

The majority of the information may have been kept a secret up until this point as part of your enigmatic strategy. Or perhaps you’ve chosen to inform your customers because it’s something they’ve been asking for from your company for a while. In either case, your SMS subscribers have been anticipating this day and the chance to shop first.


Building anticipation is easy with countdowns to launch day (such as 100 days, 50 days, 21 days, 10 days, and 1 or 3 days). If your customers have been placed on a waitlist for this product, these messages will be especially effective.

As an illustration, during the product research stage, you surveyed customers to determine their interest in a proposed product and then added them to a waitlist. This product’s launch date is quickly approaching. These customers will feel more eager and will have a better idea of how long the wait will be if they are informed of how much longer they must wait. 

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Additionally, they’ll be grateful that their suggestions were implemented, which will encourage them to feel a connection to your product (and your business)

Embrace FOMO for limited-edition releases. 

The fear of missing out is real, and it’s a potent tool for encouraging purchases—especially if something is only offered for a short period of time (like a seasonal scent or flavour) or in limited quantities (like an artist collaboration). Utilise that comfortable sensation to instill a sense of urgency in your customers to try or purchase the product before it sells out. 

Personalize Your Browse and Cart Abandonment Notifications 

Add language about your new item or collection to your browse and cart abandonment reminders to encourage more purchases. Simple adjustments (“See something you like? Check out our newest collection while you’re at it!”) to pique interest among website visitors or cart adders during the launch.

Alternatively, you can create fresh browse and cart abandonment journeys using product data to specifically re-engage and persuade anyone who expressed interest in your new product to take another look.

Note on Product Launch

To add a launch day reminder to their calendar, senders should ask recipients to click on a link. This kind of message is unnecessary if you’re sending a countdown series of texts.

However, asking customers to set up a reminder may help them avoid missing out on products that have limited stock or demand quick action.

User-Generated Content (UGC) gathering

Request photos from your customers to post on your social media profiles to further promote your brand. It’s a fantastic resource if you can persuade your customers to send you images or videos of your product or something they made with it. Give your marketing content some variety by combining polished content you develop for your product with UGC that showcases fantastic, genuine content in the real world. UGC is also excellent for providing social proof for your content.

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If senders certify that you are permitted to use and repurpose this content however you see fit, this works well. For example, Guni excels at utilising user-generated content. 


The launch of a new product can be promoted effectively and personally by using SMS marketing to reach out to your audience.

You can create engaging SMS campaigns that raise interest, foster anticipation, and ultimately increase sales by using the techniques we’ve covered in this article.

Keep your messages succinct, worthwhile, and action-oriented, and use a variety of strategies to engage your audience at various stages of the launch process.

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