Improving Your Home’s Safety

If you are a homeowner, it is only normal that you want to protect your investment and keep your home safe. Keeping yourself and your family safe is the primary motivation, but building and maintaining equity is also hugely important.

In order to keep your home safe, you need to think about multiple things and approach the complex concept of ‘safety’ from multiple points. Here is what the Lock Boss crew had to say on the topic of making your home safer.

Have a New Door Installed

One of the first things that come to mind when you say ‘safety’ is certainly your home’s imperviousness to break-ins and burglary. If your part of town experienced a rise in crime, or you just feel like your home could do with a more secured door, there is a lot of choice out there.

Reinforced doors with deadbolts are relatively inexpensive (especially compared to your peace of mind) and easy to install. Finding a reputable locksmith company is your first step, but thanks to the internet, that shouldn’t be too complicated.

If you want to increase safety, consider also having a video doorbell that can easily be connected to your phone. Not only will you be able to see who’s at your door when you’re home, but you will also get notifications when you’re away.

Inspect Your Roof for Damage

One of the biggest and potentially the most destructive type of damage is structural damage. If this kind of damage is left untreated and undetected, you risk having a house partially collapsing. The repairs for such serious damage can be quite expensive and can take a long time, all the while making your home uninhabitable until the repairs are made.

The starting point for a lot of this damage is the roof. Your roof needs to weather all the different kinds of, well, weather that your climate throws at it. If you live somewhere in the north, snow can be your enemy. However, in Ireland, the biggest problem is the rain. If your roof is not properly insulated, water will find its way in and, over time, cause serious damage.

In order to combat that, you should have a roof inspection at least once a year, preferably after the most severe rains are over. An inexpensive inspection can save you a lot of money.

Check Your Electrical Installations

Another common point that is often mentioned when discussing home safety is electrical safety. If you don’t know much about electricity, you shouldn’t mess with installations and wires, but there are still some things you can do to see whether electricity is properly used in your home.

Ensure that the cables of your appliances are intact and well insulated. If you notice fraying, stop using the appliance and consult an electrician. The same applies to your electrical sockets. If you feel that they are broken, warm, or smell weird, you need to stop using them immediately and ask for professional help.

Fire Safety

When it comes to fire safety, there are two broad categories of fires you need to be mindful of. The first one are electrical fires – which we mentioned in the previous section. The other fire hazard in your home are cooking mishaps.

In fact, the majority of house fires occur in the kitchen. In order to combat this problem, experts recommend two things. First of all, have a smoke alarm to serve as an early warning system if you’re not in the kitchen. The other, more important thing, is to get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen. Just make sure you get the right kind of a fire extinguisher with proper chemistry for kitchen use.

Home safety is a matter you should take seriously. By investing small amounts of money and time, you can save yourself some big problems further down the line, something most people are more than willing to do.