iPhone: Transfer a PDF to the PC – these options are available

There are several ways to transfer a PDF file from the iPhone to your PC. We introduce you to two simple options.

Option 1: Transfer a PDF from iPhone to PC via email

The fastest way is via email. You send yourself the PDF as a mail attachment and call up the file on your computer:

  1. For example, if you have the PDF in “iBooks” on your iPhone, open the file. If necessary, compress pdf using AnyConv.
  2. In the upper middle, press the square symbol with the arrow pointing upwards and select “E-Mail” (see picture).
  3. Enter one of your e-mail addresses as the recipient and send the message.
  4. Then open your mail program on your PC and retrieve the e-mail. You can save the PDF file in the attachment as usual.

Option 2: Transfer a PDF file from iPhone to PC using cloud storage

You can transfer a PDF via cloud storage just as quickly:

  • Use “Dropbox”, for example, install the associated app on your iPhone and log in with your access data.
  • To upload a PDF to the “Dropbox”, you can take the direct route or have to accept a detour, depending on the program

Example: Transfer via Dropbox

  1. If the PDF is open in “Safari”, click on the document. A menu will appear at the top. Click on “Open in …” and select the Dropbox app. Decide where to save the document and press “Save”.
  2. If you have the PDF in “iBooks”, for example, you cannot call up the “Open in …” menu. Open the document and take a screenshot of it. Then open the Dropbox app and press the icon with three dots in the upper right corner. Click on “Upload”. Select the screenshot from the recordings and press “Upload” again. Disadvantage: The document is no longer available as a PDF, but as a photo file.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, install “Dropbox” on your PC and open the program. Alternatively, go to the Dropbox website and log in. You can now view the file and also save it locally.