Keeping Up with Data Warehousing Through Professional Consulting

If you believe that not much has changed in the arena of data technology so far, you are probably missing out on all the blogs and the latest news on big data and data warehousing. There is not much you can do if you choose to stay behind closed doors, waiting for something to happen out of the blue and turn your piling losses into positive figures. However, if you are standing on the right side, you can definitely experience the tables turning. Data warehousing is not just a breakthrough concept, but a technology that can help you make decisions in real time based on terabytes of information, intelligently and categorically processed to perfectly suit your needs.

Not everyone is a tech expert, which is why you may need data warehouse consulting in the US to get things going. Just so you do not feel like you are on a different page than the rest of the world, here is a brief introduction of data warehousing.

Data Warehousing – Concept and Technology

The Concept

The concept of data warehousing is built around the need to store clean and useful data securely for later use. The concept refers to a process of constructing, using, and maintaining a data warehouse. It integrates data from disparate sources for structured and/or ad-hoc queries, analytical reporting, and decision-making.

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The Technology

It is a type of relational database where the stored information is used for drawing up queries and analyzing the results instead of transactional processing. The benefit of a data warehouse is that it allows the linking of information from various tables using foreign indexes (or keys), similar to Microsoft Access. This helps identify any minute pieces of data stored in a table.

The source of data is usually historic transactional data stored in a data warehouse after it has gone through several processes. However, the sources of data can vary.

The Current Trends in Data Warehousing

Today, the use of cloud technology has become widespread across organizations and personal user systems. The reason? It’s a cheap and secure platform that offers an unlimited storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for corporations. Data warehousing has been around for very long, but cloud storage has increased its worth immensely. Data warehousing, although born as a concept to migrate data from operational to decision support systems, now combines a set of tools and processes that prepare data by cleaning, integrating, and consolidating the bits of data for later use.

Here is the latest scoop from the data warehousing world to help you understand its true benefits:

Use of Managed Services

These are high-level services where challenging problems are handled by the cloud. This means that with cloud integration, you can say goodbye to problems related to security, scalability, efficiency, reliability, and performance. Fully managed ETL processes are possible by putting in a fraction of the effort used in the implementation.

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Datafication of Enterprises

With the latest tools and updates, adding streaming data to the data warehouse is possible. Other sources of data include mobile devices, IoT, and social media traffic.

Optimization Using Hadoop

Data warehousing is best when used with open-source Hadoop. The MapReduce paradigm and the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) processes huge data sets quickly and easily.

Use of Columnar Storage

Storing data for later use means that when extracted, the query should be ready for analytical purposes. Columnar storage improves disk performance. Data warehouse services like Amazon RedShift offers these capabilities for storage, as well as querying at a very low cost.

There is still time to take your business to the heights you could only have imagined previously. Avail data warehouse consulting in the US and get on the right track today!

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