Pieces You Need To Build Your Silver Jewellery Collection From Everyday Sterling

Every girl’s first introduction to her enduring love affair with lovely jewellery is “silver,” a universally recognised emblem of purity.

We begin by carefully selecting one-of-a-kind, lovely oxidised silver jewellery as young teenagers in order to display our sense of style. Gradually, we advance to purchasing quality sterling silver jewellery, which makes wise investments and appreciates in value over time.

Silver is presented in its most exquisite form in our “Sheer” collection at swarajshop. Each piece in the Sheer collection was designed with a thorough understanding of what women require from their jewellery. As a result, each piece is distinctive while also being extremely wearable with various types and styles of apparel.

Sheer is a vast assortment of excellent sterling silver jewellery that includes both contemporary and conventional pieces. Some of our favourites are listed below for your consideration:

1.Sterling silver necklace with a lotus flower

This multipurpose pendant necklace is a must-have that will look great with every outfit in your closet.

The 92.5 sterling silver pendant with a lovely lotus design is the perfect combination of modern and conventional jewellery design aesthetics. The pendant’s battered metal texture lends it a sophisticated touch, making it a spectacular piece of jewellery. The pendant’s double-layer design adds to its grandeur and gives it a 3-dimensional feel.

This piece, which is strung on a fine silver chain, is best worn near to the neck with western attire.

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2.Earrings in sterling silver with two leaves

Stunning earrings that give us an air of carefree style… Why not adore it?

Without these little hanging earrings, our range of superb sterling silver jewellery would be incomplete. These earrings have a contemporary jewellery design with two intertwined leaves. The texture of the leaves’ palms contributes to their appeal. Their delicate hook makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Despite the pair’s 3-dimensional construction, which makes them appear weighty, they are actually quite light and ideal for all-day wear. With their adaptable design, these earrings go well with both indo-western and western attire.

3.Silver Parrot Earrings in Oxide

This gorgeous pair of earrings perfectly showcases the exquisite intricacy that goes into making our artisan creations!

These delicate sterling silver earrings with hanging parrots are made with 92.5 silver. The feathers of the parrot seem to be inscribed on the parrot, enhancing the jewelry’s oxidised silver’s visual appeal. They may be worn daily and comfortably because to the small hooks. Given their traditional jewellery style, these earrings go well with ethnic and Indo-Western clothing.

4.Classic Sterling Silver Bracelet with Leaf Pattern

The statement made by Leonardo Da Vinci that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is demonstrated by this bracelet.

A beautiful example of the marriage of contemporary and conventional jewellery design aesthetics is the stunning sterling silver jewellery. The bracelet has small leaves that are intertwined to create an alluring pattern. The bracelet fits any wrist size easily because of the adjustable ends. Additionally, the bracelet has a charm tied on one end that adds a sweet finishing touch. It is so adaptable that you may wear it every day with everything in your closet.

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5.Peacock nose pin made of oxidised silver

This nose pin is the ideal representation of impactful, distinctive, and attractive statement jewellery.

Our national bird is wonderfully fashioned in 92.5 sterling silver on this classic nose pin. A dancing peacock is delicately perched on a stem in the small sculpture. Given that this piece’s traditional traits are further highlighted by its oxidised silver finish, it is best worn with various types of ethnic clothing, including a saree, suit, or lehenga!

Offering you the largest and most beautiful range of sterling and oxidised silver jewellery is swarajshop’s ongoing goal. As a result, you can find anything from stunning neckpieces and dramatic earrings to lovely bracelets and cosy anklets in our extensive range, which has been exquisitely moulded in a variety of concept-based designs.

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