Top 10 Delivery Date Selection Apps for Shopify Stores in 2023

Allowing customers to choose their preferred delivery date isn’t just a luxury. It is a game-changer for a business. 

As customers become more discerning in their online shopping experiences, the need for clear, predictable, and flexible delivery options becomes paramount. 

For Shopify store owners, capitalizing on this trend is essential to stay competitive. We have listed the best Shopify delivery date apps in 2023 for you!

Dive into our curated list of the Top 10 Delivery Date Apps for Shopify Stores this year and discover how you can elevate your store’s delivery game.

  1. AppJetty Delivery Date Plus

It is one of the best Shopify Delivery Date apps for store owners who want to offer a variety of delivery options to their customers along with delivery date selection functionality. It allows store owners to set up different delivery methods, such as standard shipping, express shipping, and local pickup. 

Delivery Date Manager offers a variety of features, including:

  • The ability to set delivery dates and time slots for each delivery method
  • The ability to set different shipping rates for different delivery methods
  • The ability to track shipments in real-time
  • The ability to customize the delivery date and time picker widgets

Delivery Date Manager is an excellent option for businesses offering high customer service and convenience. It is also an excellent option for businesses that must ensure that orders are delivered on time.

  1. Delivery Date Pro

Delivery Date Pro app allows store owners to let customers select their desired delivery date and time when placing an order. It also provides real-time tracking information so customers can see when their order is expected to arrive.

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It offers a variety of features like:

  • Set delivery dates and time slots
  • Set different delivery methods for different products
  • Set delivery deadlines
  • Track shipments in real-time
  • Widget customization
  1. Local Delivery + Pickup

This robust app offers an all-in-one solution for both small boutiques and large-scale businesses. Shopify store owners can seamlessly manage deliveries, from route optimization to real-time tracking, all while enhancing customer experience.

Here is the list of features:

  • Create precise routes with time estimates and track updates in real time.
  • Stay updated with new orders and access historical ones swiftly.
  • Get started quickly, regardless of your prior experience with delivery systems.
  • Assign roles effortlessly and monitor user activities with detailed logs.
  1. Buunto Date & Time Slot

Shopify store owners can streamline local deliveries and click-and-collect orders and infuse efficiency into your store’s delivery system with top delivery date apps. Whether it’s weekend surcharges, store pickups, or seamless Google Calendar integrations, Buunto does it all while complementing your Shopify store’s aesthetics.

  • Opt to show the date picker on either the product or cart page.
  • Set specific order preparation and cut-off times.
  • Offer varied date and time slot options based on distinct products or collections
  • Implement additional charges for specific weekdays or expedited deliveries
  1. NearBuy Local Delivery Date

Optimize customer convenience with this app that lets you effortlessly manage store pickups and delivery dates. Unlimited delivery and pickup spots, easy integration with Shopify Admin, and nuanced customization options – you’ll soon wonder how you ever operated without it. Dive into its advanced offerings like tailored working hours, specific pickup and delivery zones, and more.

  • Add as many delivery and pickup locations as you require.
  • Personalize each location’s operating hours with unique calendars and conditions.
  • Comprehensive configuration options that include conditions and restrictions.
  • Seamlessly link your existing Shopify Admin locations to the app in just two clicks.
  • Gain full control over specific pickup and delivery zones.
  1. Order Delivery Date Lite

The Order Delivery Date Lite app seamlessly integrates a calendar on your cart page for customers to choose the delivery date. Once set, customers’ chosen dates sync directly to their order data, offering merchants clear insights into preferred delivery schedules.

  • Datepicker and time-slot customization directly on the cart page.
  • Options to disable specific days or dates alongside a convenient cutoff time feature.
  • Quick and simple setup process to get you started without a hitch.
  • Keep track of all orders with their associated date and time in your order history.
  1. Delm Estimated Delivery Dates

With Delm’s app, display precise delivery dates and times, equipping customers with all the details they need for a seamless shopping experience. Delm’s widgets can be showcased across product pages, categories, and the cart. Explore our demo store to witness the game-changing widgets in real time.

  • Show accurate estimated delivery dates, times, and additional relevant details.
  • Modify widgets using HTML and offer translations in multiple languages.
  • Set delivery times based on customer locations and specific products.
  • Set public and custom holidays for more precise delivery estimations.
  1. Omega Estimated Delivery Date

Whether it’s by product, collection, or vendor, the app allows you to tailor your shipping information based on zip code and country. Omega enhances the shopping experience by integrating countdown timers, injecting a sense of urgency. Display this crucial information on product, cart, and checkout pages or even within confirmation emails.

  • Deliver accurate delivery estimates according to shipping method, zip code, or country.
  • Personalize shipping dates for specific products, collections, or vendors.
  • Display weekly off-days and public holidays.
  • Tailor delivery date messages by product for an enhanced shopping journey.
  1. Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup

This tool is tailored specifically for users who value choice in their delivery and pickup options, from selecting the exact date and time for their local deliveries to scheduling in-store pickups. Stellar streamlines the process. Perfect for establishments like food joints and flower shops, this feature allows users to effortlessly choose between local delivery, store pickup, or standard shipping.

  • Offer delivery dates and times specific to individual locations.
  • Display estimated delivery dates and times directly on product detail pages.
  • Permit customers to reschedule orders from the thank you page.
  • Adjust day-specific shipping costs based on chosen delivery dates.
  1. Plex: Delivery Dates

This app allows merchants to display potential delivery dates tailored for every product vividly. These dates can be presented in various formats and appearances, and Plex’s intuitive design ensures no coding or technical expertise is required. 

  • Customers can ascertain their product’s delivery date, ensuring informed purchases and reduced cart abandonment.
  • Merchants can effortlessly auto-set delivery dates without any coding.
  • Customize delivery date displays in various languages, fonts, colors, and icons to seamlessly fit your branding.
  • Assign unique delivery dates to individual products, catering to varying dispatch timelines.
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Investing in the best shipping apps for Shopify enhances your store’s functionality and builds trust with your customers. It ensures they have clear expectations of their order’s arrival. We hope this blog on the top 10 Delivery Date apps for Shopify Stores makes setting your store’s needs and objectives easier. Let us know which app you would choose for your Shopify store!

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