Top 5 Hidden Features of WhatsApp and Their Functioning

No doubt, you have tons of online messaging applications all over te internet today. You would find more than just 20 different applications offering distinct features and catches. But no matter how good their features are, Whatsapp leads the ranking since you would never know! 

You don’t really think a messaging app is anytime soon taking over Whatsapp, no matter what the reason is. One thing that you definitely don’t know, is the cool features that Whatsapp hides in itself. Let’s not build any more eagerness because you are going to know about the TOP 5 among many such intriguing features that come along with a simple yet complicated application that’s definitely on your smartphone right now. 

Top 5 hidden features of Whatsapp

Here’s a list of what you might have been missing out on, and their functioning:

  1. Send disappearing messages and let them wonder!

You and your friends might not know yet, but Whatsapp allows you to send messages that’ll disappear in a specific span of time, without you making the effort. The duration varies from a limit of 24 hours to 90 days!!! Isn’t that interesting?

The receiver might just wonder, where was the message lost, despite the fact that it already did the work it was assigned to do…

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  1. Let Google Assistant assist you in the right way.

Whatsapp allows instant delivery of messages directly through Google Assistant. All you need to do is turn the settings on and allow the necessary access to applications. With this, you don’t even have to take up the trouble of opening the application, because you now have an assistant for all!

  1. Know whom you talk to the most!

Ah! You might think there is this one person you contact or chat with, the most. But, let me help you out because he/she might not be the ONE! Whatsapp would now help you know the exact person responsible for that extra filled-up storage and the one who gets to chat with you, the most.

Oh. and you might just also know who has your least attention. All you need to do is look up for the Storage section in the Settings. 

  1. Keep your media private, even in the chat!

Did we just talk about the disappearing messages in the previous section? But wait, there’s a bit more to it! Now you just send videos and pictures and set them to disappear too. This might not just help you with leisure activities or games but is extremely useful when it comes to actual documents and official details. You send the picture or video, the receiver has a look, and it goes away without troubling you about who else might see it!

  1. Don’t let the other person know if you’ve already read what you received!

Isn’t it irritating at times, when people just send you tons of messages that you actually want to see but do not reply to? Ah, it might be because you’re angry or just not in the mood to reply after all! But worry not, Whatsapp has got you covered! 

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The application allows you to ‘turn off’ your read receipts from the ‘Settings’ menu and help you avoid replying. The other person would just wonder if you’re still upset or haven’t just read their text due to your schedule. Isn’t that fun?


In fact, isn’t this ALL fun? Let’s just not keep it boring and learn these hidden tricks to bring peace and avoid unwanted trouble! These features are just a few of the MANY amazing ones you’d find on the Whatsapp application. So why wait, try them now and let us know if you’d want us to being more to the table…

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