Why Buy the Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S is an attractive choice for gamers on a budget, boasting a price point lower than that of the Xbox One X. Furthermore, it is backward-compatible with digital games – ideal for gamers wanting to build their library on an affordable device.
This console boasts a 3.6GHz CPU and eight-core GPU with 4 teraflops of graphics power. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a custom SSD that accelerates loading times significantly.

Optical drive

An optical drive is a vital component of any video game console. It reads CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs with ease.
The Xbox Series S is a digital-only console, lacking an optical drive. However, recent patent filings indicate Microsoft may be working on developing a system that will let you play physical games right on your console.
Though its exact details remain uncertain, this system could prove beneficial for those who have amassed an extensive library of games over time and wish to access them on their Xbox Series S.
The patent depicts an optical drive capable of verifying ownership and then enabling you to download the game via your network. However, it remains unclear whether this will be an ongoing process or if you must complete verification again when purchasing new titles.

Backward compatibility

Both Xbox One and Series S offer backward compatibility, so players can enjoy older Xbox series games on their new console – including those from both original Xbox and 360 titles.
Backward compatibility is an invaluable feature of next-generation consoles, enabling gamers to play games they may have previously missed or wanted to revisit. Furthermore, it provides performance improvements and better visuals for classic titles.
Both the Xbox One and Series S have an extensive library of games that support this feature, available either through Game Pass or the Xbox Store. Microsoft has made it simple to purchase new titles with this capability so you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date versions of your favorite titles.

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Streaming apps

One of the major selling points of the Xbox Series S is its streaming capabilities. This feature appeals to those who want to watch TV, and movies and play games without using a disc drive.
It supports several popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Crunchyroll – plus there’s even its own dedicated YouTube app!
However, there are a few drawbacks to the Xbox Series S. It lacks a disc drive so you’ll need to purchase digital versions of any games you want to play.
Thankfully, the Xbox Series S is backward compatible with many older Xbox One and 360 games you own. Plus, it boasts the same features as its bigger brother–a wireless controller, Kinect sensor, and HD audio–as well as some unique capabilities not found on other systems.
In addition, the Xbox Series S supports Twitch channel streaming live or on-demand from their console. It also comes with an integration with Lightstream that lets players customize their streams with overlays and alerts.


Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is an ideal option for gamers who want a next-gen console but don’t have the funds to buy an expensive one. It is almost similar to the Xbox Series X. It also makes for great parenting material if your kids are interested in gaming.
The Xbox Series S is an unbeatable value, whether you buy it outright or utilize Microsoft’s Game Pass inclusive financing option. Even better, take advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service which grants access to every first-party game as soon as it releases for an affordable monthly subscription fee.
Gamers who want to experience next-gen gaming without breaking the bank should look no further than the Xbox Series S. While it may not offer as much performance as its more powerful siblings, this budget console still makes a strong case for being one of the top choices among budget consoles.

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